‘La Esquina’ is the Spanish term for ‘the corner’. The restaurant took its name from its strategic location in one corner of the golf clubhouse that provides patrons with a scenic view of the 9th green as it stretches majestically into the distance.

The restaurant comfortably seats 60 diners at a time in air-conditioned comfort, with an unparalleled view of the outlying golf course through panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass windows located on two of La Esquina’s outside walls.

A sneak peek at the restaurant’s menu will reveal a cornucopia of traditional Spanish dishes. For appetizers, La Esquina recommends the ‘Tigres’, fresh mussels stuffed with sautéed Spanish chorizo, aligue and shrimps topped with cheese and baked with a dash of paprika to give it that distinctive Spanish flavor; the ‘Batido de Sardinas’ or whipped cream and sardines blended into a pate and frivolously served on an upturned goblet with melba toast; and the ‘Alcachofas Infanta Leonor’ – heart of artichokes sautéed in butter with garlic and Spanish chorizo.

No self-respecting Spanish restaurant will be without its paella, and La Esquina boasts of three: The Paella ala Cristina that is named after JAKA Chairperson, Madame Cristina Ponce Enrile, the spicy Paella Negra made with squid and squid ink, and the Paella de Mariscos or seafood paella. The paellas at La Esquina follow the traditional recipes from Valencia, which requires the paella to be cooked slowly over low heat to produce a glutinous rice dish. The perfect accompaniment to any paella dish would be the Pollo Iberico, whole chicken roasted with caramelized garlic and potatoes.