Golf Club

Construction of the Splendido Taal golf course began in 1996 and was completed four years later in 2000. It has four sets of tees, namely: the gold tees for tour professionals, blue tees for regular men’s tees, white tees for seniors and red tees for the ladies. For those who are technically inclined, the yardages at Splendido are as follows: the gold tees are 6,997, the blue tees are 6,654, the white tees are 6,000 and the red tees are 5,530.

Splendido Taal is rated by the National Golf Association of the Philippines with the following: course rating for the blue tees is 70, slope rating is 123. For white tees, course rating is rated at 68.6 and slope rating is at 118. For the red tees, course rating is 71.7 and slope rating is at 127.