Course Walk Through


Splendido Taal Golf Course Walk-through

Hole 1 – Comienzo Justo (Fair Start)
A great hole to start the golfing round. Slight dogleg left, 512 yards, Par 5. The player is faced with a task that gives premium to a good drive. A small creek runs to the left and a natural hazard is located on the right. This hole presents a possible eagle opportunity for the better players and players long off the tee. Those who choose to lay up are faced with a tricky 3rd shot. A par would be a good start and this hole is set up for that.
Hole 2 – Gran Ataque Blanco del Tiburón (Great White Shark Attack)
What the first hole gave, the second hole takes back, and with a vengeance. Severe dogleg right, 538 yards, Par 5. The drive is intimidating, giving the player a choice of gambling for the risky two-on or the normal 3-shot strategy for the green, that is, if the player could get in on three. The player could choose to take a short cut through the right and face a blind landing area or choose for the more conservative approach left of the bunker. Just make sure you don’t have too much club and reach the hazard located past the fairway. The same natural hazard located on hole number one is located on the right, running all the way through the green. A personal par should be more realistic for average players.
Hole 3 – Precision (Precision)
A fairly straight 130-yard Par 3, this short hole is no giveaway. When the wind comes into play it tends to blow madly. . One more warning to the wise, the green is about the size of a cup saucer.
Hole 4 – Gambito (Gambit)
Dogleg right, 340 yards, Par 4. Another make or break hole, a possible birdie hole or a bogey hole. The hole is set up as you see it, no surprises. A good average drive sets you up for a short club to the green. Fantastic views but please remember to add wind as a factor.
Hole 5 – Estire Sus Piernas (Stretch Your Legs)
Slight dogleg left, 443 yards, Par 4.This one is for the long hitters. All players would need two good shots to make this green. After you’ve hit the best drive of your life, the green may be eye level or nestled just below depending on the length of that drive. The green is protected by bunkers located on the left and the right side.
Hole 6 – Cuesta Arriba (Uphill)
Another hole that puts premium on accuracy is hole #6. Straight hole, 343 yards, Par 4. The second shot is crucial for allowing you another birdie opportunity. Watch out for the front bunker!
Hole 7 – Cresta del Aguila (Eagle’s crest)
Take out your driver on this one, you’re going to need it, again. Straight hole, 412 yards, Par 4. A fairly straight shot to the green. Watch out for the out of bounds markers to your right that runs all the way to the hole. This hole is a testament to the championship standards of the course.
Hole 8 – Ultimo Ataque (Ultimate Attack)
The signature hole of Splendido Taal Golf Club. 213 yards, Par 3. You’ll need to carry over the same ravine seen in hole #2. Approximately 190 yards in length, if you can cross it, watch out for the bunkers that guard the green.
Hole 9 – Agujero de la Esquina Exigente Pasado (Last Demanding Corner Hole)
418 yards, Par 4. A straight hole that demands a nice drive to set you up for a testy second shot to the green. Pot bunkers are laid-out to trap wayward shots. Hazards on this hole will rarely come into play.
Hole 10 – Opinión Del Cliffside (Cliffside)
379 yards, Par 4. Dogleg left with two hazards going through from tee to green. Another precision hole that demands proper placement of your second shot.
Hole 11 – El Punto Más Alto (Highest point)
Dogleg left, 528 yards, Par 5. A chance for better players and longer hitters to go for it in two. An out-of-bounds marker is located all along the left hand side. For your second or third shot, a small lake guards the green to the left and a cluster of bunkers are strategically placed on the right.
Hole 12 – Bombardéelo (Bomb it)
Dogleg right, 428 yards, Par 4. Two bunkers are strategically placed on the right hand side close to the fairway to catch your drive. If you have the length off the tee, you could overpower those bunkers. More bunkers surround the green.
Hole 13 – Estratega (Strategist)
Severe dogleg left, 415 yards, Par 4. This is one hole that you have to play with extreme caution. But if you hit it over 350 yards just cut across the bunkers for an easy wedge to the pin. The danger with cutting the corner is a large acacia tree located left of the fairway that guards the green, coming up short will put you in front of that tree. For most golfers you may want to play short of the bunkers and play a long iron second shot to the green. The most conservative approach should be playing right off the bunkers, and prepare for a 180 to 190 yard shot to the green.
Hole 14 – Esencia del Nacional de Augusta (Essence of Augusta National)
One of the most beautiful views without the Taal Volcano in sight. A straightaway, 349-yard Par 4. This straight hole is for golf purists. A driver or three wood would suffice to set you up for a decent second shot to the green. The green is guarded by a shallow creek and two bunkers.
Hole 15 – Dejar el Hammerhead (Leaving Hammerhead)
The best bet for a Hole-in-one. Short and sweet, 148 yards, Par 3. Watch out for the bunkers that surround the green. When you finally get to the green, watch out for the greenside slopes.
Hole 16 – Acoplamientos (Links)
This hole is the closest thing to a links design. Slight dogleg left, short at 361 yards but a very tricky Par 4. You will need to place your drive. If you tend to miss, miss it right. Also, for your second shot, play with some caution because the wind tends to be a factor.
Hole 17 – Caballero (Knight)
A respectable length at 164 yards, Par 3. The green is guarded by the lake on the left and by bunkers on the right and at the back. Wind also plays an important factor when judging which club to choose.
Hole 18 – Milagro Pasado (Last Miracle)
Magnificent finishing hole, possesses a commanding view over the entire golf course. Slight dogleg right, 533 yards, Par 5. The player should use a driver or a three wood to get close enough to go for it in two. You don’t want to hit it over 300 yards or you might end up in the creek. A second shot to the green requires a nice hybrid club or a fairway wood that has the distance to get you there, yet float down softly to allow you to set up for an eagle putt. Should you choose to lay up, a lake patiently awaits for balls that go astray. The green is also guarded by bunkers that are overshadowed by the presence of the lake.